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Create a Cute Pre-Historic-Themed Nursery with Dinosaur Crib Bedding

As a child, you might probably have been fascinated with dinosaurs: those teeth-baring, humongous creatures that either walk with two or four feet or fly like an albatross. You have been acquainted with them for as long as you can remember. But now that you’re already grown up and have a child of your own, don’t you think it’s cool to instil the same fascination in your baby? Yes, even in their infancy, babies can emulate your interests as they grow and it is better to start with them this early when all they can see is cute little dinosaur prints around the nursery. And a good starting point to introduce your little one to the wonderful world of the pre-historic era would be through dinosaur crib bedding.

You might be wondering: Aren’t dinosaurs too scary for such a young age? Not anymore, at least according to manufacturers of baby products. With the cartoons nowadays which are saturated with both cute and odd creatures and which are the main sources of inspiration for most baby items, there’s no reason to not consider dinosaurs as a motif for the nursery. Companies specializing in baby products have made the fearsome reptiles “child-friendly” through softening their features with cartoon-like illustrations. Even the mascot Barney is made to look sociable. Hence, you can be sure that your baby is in good company with the now-adorable dinosaurs.

Another question: Isn’t the dinosaur motif reserved only for boys? Well, it used to be that way until recently, when most parents have started adopting unisex themes such as animals and food. Therefore, it wouldn’t matter whether you have a boy or a girl or even both; you can use dinosaur crib bedding and other similar baby stuff just like any other themes for babies.

Most dinosaur-themed beddings for infants are available in a variety of colours. If you still want to make the atmosphere in the nursery specifically for a baby boy, you should opt for cooler hues such as blue and green or a combination of both. For girls, you cannot go wrong with pastel hues such as pink, yellow, and even a soft orange. As for those who would like to go the neutral route, there are also those bedding sets in earthy colours such as brown and beige.

Often, the dinosaur icons in crib beddings are either embroidered or printed on the fabric. Both are ideal for your baby but only if the materials used are hypoallergenic. The most preferred material is cotton and other similarly soft fabrics. It is important to note that there is a possibility that printed icons may contain traces of lead and latex; hence, you should make sure that the bedding is safe for babies.

Many manufacturers of dinosaur-themed crib beddings have also created accessories that you can incorporate into the nursery. There are bedding packages that include a matching blanket, bumper, pillowcases, and crib skirt. Even mobiles are made to complement the bedding for the crib. Of course, these mobiles are composed of different kinds of dinosaurs such as the T-Rex, the triceratops, and the brontosaurus. You just have to work the theme around the dinosaur crib bedding by adding items in the nursery such as dinosaur stuffed toys and the like.