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Choosing Your Baby’s Crib Bedding

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A baby spends an incredible amount of time in their crib sleeping. Therefore, when buying a new crib or opting for a hand-me-down, you must look for a sturdy one. Evaluate this baby product; making sure that the slats are not too far apart from each other and the rails should be firm.

Cribs would always come with beddings. There’s the fancy crib bedding with a vast array of colors and patterns, while there are the simpler ones with one or two combinations of colors. However, when choosing bedding, safety should be the top priority. Get a firm mattress and make sure that the mattress pad you choose fits tightly in the crib to avoid the baby from slipping in the crib sides or in between the mattress. Also, don’t forget to remove the plastic packaging before putting it in the crib.

Since babies spend hours in their cribs, it will be best to provide them a chemical-free surrounding. So if you can afford it, try to buy an organic crib mattress for your baby. If the mattress isn’t within your budget, you can instead opt to just surround the mattress with an organic cover.

Take note that it is also recommended that the pillows, quilt, and blankets that come with the crib bedding should not all be placed inside the crib together with the baby. This helps prevent overheating from excessive sleepwear which is known to be a factor in cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).