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Buying Hand-Me-Down Baby Outfit

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Should you settle for hand-me-down baby products? If you want to save money, then the answer should be “Yes!” Aside from the usual hand-me-down sets of crib bedding, stroller, bassinets, and the like, clothes are the best baby products primarily because babies outgrow these quickly.

The following is a list of which products are usually sold as hand-me-downs.

Used Clothes and Shoes

Babies usually grow in size every month or two, which means that the size of their clothes also needs to be changed as often. That is why it is not recommended to always buy new clothes for babies. Used clothes are fine; just make sure that these are still in good condition. Avoid baby clothes with drawstrings and always check that all clasps, zippers and buttons are secure. Another item that babies usually outgrow so fast is shoes. Since infants don’t really need them, better buy a used pair rather than a new one that might only be worn for a few times.

Used Coats and Hats

Regardless of where you live, you have to be prepared for all seasons which is why you will need coats and hats to protect your baby. Chances are such items will only be used for a couple of months, so look for a coat and hat that are slightly used instead of buying brand new ones.

Make sure to inspect any hand-me-down baby product well before purchasing to avoid paying for something that has been beaten up too much. Any hand-me-down baby product is okay as long as it is still in good condition and it is still functional.

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The Big Stuff Baby Products

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Having a baby might seem like an overwhelming experience, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll all be worth it. One of the most important things you should prepare for, aside from the regular checkups with your doctor, is choosing the perfect baby product for your baby.

Crib and Mattress – This is probably the most important item you should have for your baby to sleep in. To make it more appealing, just change the crib bedding every now and then.

Baby Sling or Carrier – These leaves the parents hands-free for them to be able to do other stuff while taking care of the baby.

Stroller – A good stroller is best for parents who need to take their babies out for a little sunshine.

Infant Seat – As soon as your baby starts sitting up, you should set him up in an infant chair during mealtime.

Changing Table – Although a normal table would do, changing tables often have compartments and spaces in which you can store your baby’s changing supplies for you to be able to reach them easily when you need to.

Baby Bathtub – This is where you bathe your baby once his umbilical cord has healed. You can put this in or near the sink.

Infant Car Seat – This is perfect for bringing your baby with you for a car ride.

Diaper Bag/Backpack – This where you can put any baby product you think you’ll need especially when on the go (diapers, baby wipes, baby lotion, baby powder, etc.).

The baby products listed above make up the basic baby products that are somewhat expensive due to material and size but are made for long-term use. Have fun shopping!

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Your Baby’s Crib Bedding

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A key element in a baby’s nursery is the crib bedding, as most parents would like to have it first before painting the walls and decorating the room. This is because parents tend to base the interior design of the nursery on the colors and patterns of the bedding.

Deciding on a pattern for a baby bedding is a personal choice. Even if you don’t know your baby’s gender yet, you don’t have to worry since there are many options that work just fine for both boys and girls. Since there are lots of available bedding patterns to choose from, it is better to check the stores and browse the infant sections to at least have an idea of the different available designs. Once you have your preferred choices, you can now look which store offers the best price.

A basic baby crib bedding set includes the following:

  • Mattress pad and mattress cover
  • Sheets
  • Quilts
  • Blankets
  • Bumper pads

Remember, the thread count in your baby’s bedding is very important. The higher the sheet’s thread counts are means they are more durable and softer.

As with every other baby product, whichever baby bedding you choose, safety must be considered. The mattress should perfectly fit in the crib. To eliminate the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), loose sheets, quilts, and blankets should not be used inside the crib until the baby is old enough.

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Choosing Your Baby’s Crib Bedding

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A baby spends an incredible amount of time in their crib sleeping. Therefore, when buying a new crib or opting for a hand-me-down, you must look for a sturdy one. Evaluate this baby product; making sure that the slats are not too far apart from each other and the rails should be firm.

Cribs would always come with beddings. There’s the fancy crib bedding with a vast array of colors and patterns, while there are the simpler ones with one or two combinations of colors. However, when choosing bedding, safety should be the top priority. Get a firm mattress and make sure that the mattress pad you choose fits tightly in the crib to avoid the baby from slipping in the crib sides or in between the mattress. Also, don’t forget to remove the plastic packaging before putting it in the crib.

Since babies spend hours in their cribs, it will be best to provide them a chemical-free surrounding. So if you can afford it, try to buy an organic crib mattress for your baby. If the mattress isn’t within your budget, you can instead opt to just surround the mattress with an organic cover.

Take note that it is also recommended that the pillows, quilt, and blankets that come with the crib bedding should not all be placed inside the crib together with the baby. This helps prevent overheating from excessive sleepwear which is known to be a factor in cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).