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Baby Essentials: 5 Things Parents Must Have at Home

There are so many baby products out in the market today. Baby specialty stores have everything from a wide array of pacifiers to complete baby crib bedding sets and figuring out what the baby really needs can get a little bit complicated. To make things simple, here are some essential items every home with an infant should have:

  • Car Seats – Parents can’t bring their newborns home from the hospital without a car seat. That’s how important they are. Parents can choose from rear-facing car seats made especially for newborns up to 12 months of age or convertible car seats that change from rear-facing to front-facing with just a few adjustments so the baby can use the same car seat for a longer period of time.
  • Feeding Gear – Age appropriate feeding bottles and other items needed in order to keep babies nourished is high on the essentials list for obvious reasons. The items needed for feeding aren’t just limited to feeding bottles. There are also feeding pillows which keep both the child and the parent comfortable while bottle feeding. Breast pumps, absorbent breast pads, and other breastfeeding accessories are also needed to keep both baby and mommy happy. Lastly, make sure there’s enough supply of clean burp cloths which would protect the parent’s clothing from spit ups when burping the infant.
  • Age-progressing clothing – Stocking up on infant clothes isn’t a good idea. Babies grow so fast that they outgrow their clothes before they even get to wear them all. Most baby shower gifts would include clothes for smaller infants, so it’s a good idea to prepare for when the child gets older and bigger. Baby clothing isn’t limited to onesies and baby shirts. Parents should also have booties, mittens, baby bonnets and other accessories on hand when they need them.
  • Diapers – Running out of disposable diapers in the middle of the night can be an inconvenience, so parents must make sure that they have enough supply of diapers at home at all times. The same goes for cloth diapers. Parents should make sure that there are enough clean ones to last the night. Pre-stocking diaper bags with at least one or two diapers is also great in case the family has to leave in a hurry.
  • Beddings – Sleeping is something that a baby does often, especially while they’re still young. Make sure that the crib or bassinet has the proper beddings that are both safe and comfortable for the baby. A simple flat sheet on a crib mattress is enough for newborns and infants younger than 12 months. Complete baby crib bedding sets can be set aside until the baby is old enough to use blankets and other loose beddings that are considered harmful to the younger ones.

The items listed above may seem obvious and basic, but it’s surprising how many parents get too excited about their baby’s arrival that they tend to forget the essentials. It’s always a good idea to have the basics and then build things up from there.

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Why Choose A Dinosaur Crib Bedding for The Nursery?

What comes to your mind when you see a dinosaur-themed nursery? Surely, the word “cute” isn’t enough to describe it. While most parents go for cartoon-inspired baby stuff, there are also those who opt for the classic pre-historic reptiles as the motif for the baby’s room. Often, they start with a dinosaur crib bedding to set the mood for other items to be incorporated in the nursery.

But what makes the dinosaur crib bedding a popular choice among expecting parents? Here are some reasons why:

  1. Fun designs – Before, the Jurassic creatures were portrayed in films as gigantic, intimidating reptiles that wreak havoc in the city. Blame it on their inherent physical characteristics, which include sharp teeth, long claws, and huge horns. Thankfully, with the increasing popularity of several animated series that center on amiable creatures, dinosaurs have made their mark on the children’s entertainment map. They are now one of their favorite characters on television.

Today’s depiction of dinosaurs has changed from frightening animals to adorable and friendly creatures. You can now see them as charming creatures worthy of being friends with youngsters. Just look at how successful the Barney series has become — it has inspired many child-oriented shows and spin-offs that feature the pre-historic reptiles. These have made it easier for dinosaurs to be considered a motif for many nurseries these days.

Most of the designs available for dinosaur-themed crib beddings include cartoonish T-Rex and triceratops among many other species of the giant reptiles. They are either printed or embroidered on the fabric.

  1. Versatility – While there are those who argue that dinosaurs are a design theme for the boys, there are still parents who consider this motif as a unisex option. But in case you would like it to be gender-specific, there are a wide variety of dinosaur-themed crib beddings that will surely capture the desired atmosphere for the nursery. Parents who have known the gender of their baby ahead of birth may take their pick from a color scheme from which the other baby items may follow suit. For a baby boy, it is recommended to choose color schemes that are “masculine” enough, such as blue and green. As for baby girls, it is suggested that pink and other shades of red would be a good choice. Those who choose to not undergo an ultrasound to know the gender of their baby may safely opt for neutral hues such as beige, brown, and gray.
  2. Uniqueness – Opting for a dinosaur theme for the nursery is a breath of fresh air as it sets itself apart from the more popular motifs such as floral, nautical, and cartoon-inspired characters. Unbranded crib bedding that features dinosaurs is a great option if you would like the nursery to have a unique feel.
  3. Affordability – Being mostly unbranded, many dinosaur crib beddings are available at a fraction of the price of the big names in baby products. But this is not to say that the quality of the beddings is sacrificed. It is only that there are those manufacturers that feature nameless dinosaur characters yet are as adorable as their more known counterparts.
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A Simple How-To Guide for Choosing Beddings for Cribs

Buying baby crib bedding sets seems simple enough until one sees the many choices that have to be made in the process. There are so many types of bedding, patterns, and components to choose from that it can be overwhelming, especially for first-time parents who still have no idea what they’re doing. The best way to do this is to consider the baby’s comfort and safety before anything else. That should whittle the choices down to a select few which gives them exactly what they want and need for their baby. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect crib beddings:

  • Choose age appropriate beddings – Some components of baby beddings can be considered choking or suffocation hazards to newborns and infants who are only a few months old. Younger babies don’t need crib bumpers just yet because they don’t move around too much and the laces used to tie them to the crib railings may raise safety concerns. Also, if shopping for a newborn, it is not advisable to buy blankets, comforters, pillows and other loose items for the baby. Instead of blankets to keep the baby warm at night, use infant sacks or sleepers that are specially designed to keep babies warm while allowing them to breathe comfortably.
  • Keep beddings or sheets snug – Beddings that are too loose or too small for the mattress can cause it to come undone when the baby moves. This can be dangerous because loose beddings can lead to suffocation. A fitted sheet that’s just the right size to cover the mattress and have the edges tucked under it should do. If the sheet is a little too big, elastic straps that keep the edges in place at the bottom of the mattress could help keep it in place.
  • Choose the right fabric for the nursery’s temperature – Infants have a hard time regulating their own temperature and beddings play a big role in doing that for them. If the nursery is a bit warm, breathable fabrics such as cotton would do just nicely to keep the baby comfortable. In colder temperatures, use a flannel-backed mattress pad underneath the sheets to add warmth.
  • Make sure that the beddings are machine washable – Babies are no different from older kids in a sense that messes are inevitable. Having extra sheets to use is great, but at times one or two extra sheets won’t be enough. The best sheets to have are those made with fabrics that are machine washable. That way the beddings can be thrown in the washer to get it cleaned right away.

Choosing the perfect baby crib beddings set isn’t just about what colors would blend nicely with the color of the nursery walls or what patterns look cute. It is also about what the baby needs in order to sleep safely and soundly at night. Once the safety and comfort concerns have been addressed, the task of picking out the right beddings for the crib becomes much easier.