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Buying Hand-Me-Down Baby Outfit

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Should you settle for hand-me-down baby products? If you want to save money, then the answer should be “Yes!” Aside from the usual hand-me-down sets of crib bedding, stroller, bassinets, and the like, clothes are the best baby products primarily because babies outgrow these quickly.

The following is a list of which products are usually sold as hand-me-downs.

Used Clothes and Shoes

Babies usually grow in size every month or two, which means that the size of their clothes also needs to be changed as often. That is why it is not recommended to always buy new clothes for babies. Used clothes are fine; just make sure that these are still in good condition. Avoid baby clothes with drawstrings and always check that all clasps, zippers and buttons are secure. Another item that babies usually outgrow so fast is shoes. Since infants don’t really need them, better buy a used pair rather than a new one that might only be worn for a few times.

Used Coats and Hats

Regardless of where you live, you have to be prepared for all seasons which is why you will need coats and hats to protect your baby. Chances are such items will only be used for a couple of months, so look for a coat and hat that are slightly used instead of buying brand new ones.

Make sure to inspect any hand-me-down baby product well before purchasing to avoid paying for something that has been beaten up too much. Any hand-me-down baby product is okay as long as it is still in good condition and it is still functional.